Home Organization & Cleaning Binder {60+ pages}

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Ready to DESTROY the overwhelm and take back YOUR you time? 

Ready to finally make your home a haven? 

After asking multiple homemakers & those who worked outside the home what they would like in a home binder, I was able to create something that would really help out ANYONE who's struggling to keep up with their home. 

And if you feel that you're constantly playing catchup with keeping the home clean & organized, then you need this binder. 

Here's what you'll be getting! 

  • How to get your kids (in different age groups) AND SPOUSE involved in chores(!!) 
  • Cleaning & Organization To-Do Lists (for daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly) 
  • Food Expiration Tracker 
  • A guide to getting out stubborn stains 
  • Cleaning Reminders 
  • Organization & Cleaning Project Planners 
  • Cleaning Supplies Inventory 
  • Cleaning & Organization Shopping List 
  • Cleaning & Organization checklists for the… Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms, Kids' Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garage, Office, Hallway Closet, & Garage 
  • Seasonal Cleaning Checklist 
  • Seasonal Declutter Checklists 
  • Stocking Up Checklists for the Pantry & Bathroom 
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for each room 
  • A Simple Weekly Cleaning & Organization Checklist (For those who just want something easy to follow 😊) 
  • Fun & cute quotes to get you motivated! 
  • And a TON MORE! 

I personally know how HARD keeping up the home is, so I can't wait to see how this binder makes your life a TON easier! ❤️ 

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped.)

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