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The Boost Your Blog Binder - 170+ Blog Post Ideas & MORE! {90+ pages}

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$459 of value…but we're offering it for just $85 👍 

I'm going to help you DESTROY the stress. 

You're probably overwhelmed with creating blog posts, trying to get traffic to your site, and FINALLY becoming a full-time blogger. 

But picture this: It's a year from today after you got the binder… and your blog is fully populated with INCREDIBLE content, you have a full-time income from your blog because you put in the work (or you're just about there), you're getting traffic from Google because you applied the SEO guide from the binder, you have months of blog posts planned out, AND on top of all this… you're steadily growing a loyal following who love your blog posts and the emails you send out weekly. 

👏👏👏 You have MORE time to yourself and you've knocked out SO MUCH of the overwhelm that many bloggers have. 👏👏👏 

This binder isn't just meant to give you blogging ideas, it's ALSO meant to help you get more pageviews, write a VIRAL blog post, know WHEN to write on certain blog posts, make money with affiliate marketing, and SO MUCH MORE! 

It's meant to be the tool YOU need to turn your blog into a full-time income and build the life YOU want. 

I mean, I wish I had this as a new blogger! It would have made my life a LOT easier! 

And you know what? It doesn't matter whether you have a blog or not, or whether you're a new or intermediate blogger. 

This binder is meant to be for anyone who wants to destroy the overwhelm and become a full-time blogger sooner (or even make more income as a full-time blogger!) 

Here's what it includes: 😊 

  • A checklist of blog post ideas that helps you specify between the ones you want to do or have already done. 
  • An extra list of the blog post ideas that ALSO has examples & descriptions on how to use them and why they're important. 
  • A list of the ways I find blog post ideas personally (so once you're done using my list of blog post ideas, you'll know how to find your own). 
  • An 18+ page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guide. 
  • A brainstorming blog post checklist. 
  • A VIRAL blog post cheatsheet. 
  • The Monthly Blog Post Topics Guide. 
  • A calendar with the most popular monthly topics. 
  • Weekly Blog Post Planner. 
  • Blog Post Tracker. 
  • Blog Post Category Tracker. 
  • Inspirational quotes & encouraging personal messages from me! 😊 
  • An EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where I give away freebies and a TON more bonuses. 
  • An affiliate guide with tips on how to promote this binder (& other future products of mine) and tips that can also be applied to promoting other people's work. 

And if you have ANY questions about this binder, feel free to email me at I'm happy to help! 😊 

"One question that I am constantly asked about is how a person can brainstorm new blog post ideas, and this is a GREAT resource. This is something that many, many bloggers would benefit from using, and I don't think anyone would ever run out of blog post ideas AGAIN if they had this." 

- Michelle Schroeder-Gardner 

(Making Sense of Cents)

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